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  • Silverback Ink® Insta 9 Grey Wash

    Silverback Ink® Insta 9 Grey Wash
    Insta9Shade is the latest edition to the Grey Wash Series from Silverback Ink®.... readmore

    Starting at: £19.99

    • Thermal Copier A4

      Thermal Copier A4
      This combined thermal copier, 220 Volts AC: 3 pin plug creates exact copies and ... readmore
    • Workhouse 18mm

      Workhouse 18mm
      The 18mm half knurled tattoo grip by Workhouse is a must have grip for any serio... readmore

      Out of stock

    • Studex Displayer

      Studex Displayer
      Barber DTS are delighted to present the ear piercing selection Studex displayer.... readmore

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