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Disposable Tubes

Disposable Tubes
Barber supply a range of disposable tubes from a number of reputable names including Black Widow, Eikon, Predator and Wrath. These sterile tubes are packaged individually in blister packs and are available in a selection of different tips. They feature a rubber grip providing comfort and control as you work. Because they are disposable the tattooist can also forget about worrying on whether or not their tips and grips are clean. Simply open a new sterile one for each client. Barber supply only the best products for tattooing making sure that they are of the highest quality, ensuring that you can work with precision and accuracy.

  • Black Widow

    Black Widow

    Barber supply a range of disposable tube. Our Black Widow tubes are sterile and ...
  • Wrath Nexus

    Wrath Nexus

    Barber DTS are pleased to introduce the newest line of tattoo tubes by TATSoul. ...
  • Wrath Gen 2

    Wrath Gen 2

    Wrath tubes are the latest innovation for tattooist with its outstanding qualiti...
  • Wrath Original

    Wrath Original

    Disposable tattoo tubes by Wrath are available at Barber DTS to meet your needs ...
  • Sabre


    There are no shortage of options available for you to choose from when it comes ...
  • Pin Up

    Pin Up

    A certification with purchasing products under the PinUp label, as with the stoc...
  • CNC Seamless

    CNC Seamless

    The CNC brand is not only premium to the needle liner available at Barber DTS, b...
  • Eikon Griffin

    Eikon Griffin

    Eikon Griffin Tattoo tubes provide a range of different options to choose from t...
  • Powerline White Plastic

    Powerline White Plastic

    Powerline White Plastic tattoo tubes come in a variety of different sizes and co...
  • True Tube

    True Tube

    True Tube are some of the most innovative and high quality tubes on the market. ...
  • EGO Hawkflow

    EGO Hawkflow

    Until now, there has been no disposable tube capabable of connecting up to a Che...

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