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Piercing Needles

Barber sells a variety of piercing needles in a number of designs and sizes. The needles are designed for piercing various parts of the body cleanly and accurately. They come in packs of 50 or 100 depending on your needs and expectations. All of our needles are of the highest quality ensuring that they are reliable, safe and create pleasing piercings. A must have for any professional.

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  1. Sterile Needle Blades Standard Cut- 12g x 60mm (2.4mm)

    Sterile Needle Blades Standard Cut- 12g x 60mm (2.4mm)

    Regular Price: £41.00

    Special Price: £26.65

    Sterile Needle Blades Standard Cut-Outside Dia 2.6mm for jewellery 2mm & 2.4mmreadmore
  2. Braun Introcan Needles

    Braun Introcan Needles

    Starting at: £0.58

    These Introcan needles are a high quality piercing supply product. Produced by the medical specialists B Braun, you can be sure that you will always receive a professional grade product for your studio. These needles are supplied individually sealed into blister packs, having been sterilised with EO gas. This means that they are safe and ready to use as soon as you open the box. They are supplied in boxes of 50 needles, with certain sizes available in singular packs. They are all colour coded so you can quickly identify the size of needle at a glance and minimises any mix ups of confusion on the needle specifications.readmore
  3. Safelet Nippro Needles

    Safelet Nippro Needles

    Starting at: £18.45

    Safelet Nippro Piercing Needles available in packs of 50 in 4 different sizes.readmore
  4. Sterile Needle Blades

    Sterile Needle Blades

    Starting at: £41.00

    These high quality sterile needle blades are ideal for use in piercing procedures. They are designed for use in conjunction with the trained Pierce Artist International Methods. Ensure that you use the correct jewellery and needle combination to make the piercing a suitable size, as well as minimising the risk of tearing or stretching the skin which can be very painful for the client. These needle blades are supplied in packs of 100 and are pre-sterilised for your convenience. This gives you peace of mind that they are safe and ready to use upon receipt of the product.readmore
  5. Procan Alpha Needles

    Procan Alpha Needles

    Starting at: £25.95

    These needles are available in a selection of three different sizes, with each providing its own benefits with regards to the size of the piercing. As you would expect of a medically developed piercing needle this has been designed to ensure the safest and most comfortable possible result for the subject, which means that there is no additional opening, so the risk of infection can be greatly reduced, and the contact area is reduced. The piercing process is also smoother and easier, thanks to the design of the needle which has been developed specifically to ensure smooth entry even to the awkward and contoured areas of the body. These are supplied in packs of 100, and as you would expect of a product supplied by Barber DTS they are provided as sterile, disposable options to further ensure safety and cleanliness.readmore

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