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Art Supplies

Art Supplies
At Barber, we have a range of art supplies available so that you can create the perfect design on paper or straight onto the skin. Whether you are looking for a stencil or pens for freehand work we have it. We also have a range of pens, pencils and other drawing materials available at Barber to suit all of your needs.

  • Thermal Copiers

    Thermal Copiers

    Thermal copiers are designed to work in conjunction with thermal copier paper fo...
  • Paper and Transfer Solutions

    Paper and Transfer Solutions

    Transfer paper, freehand paper and tracing paper is an everyday essential for ta...
  • Stencil Transfer

    Stencil Transfer

    Stencil transfers are used as a guide for the tattoo artist and are transferred ...
  • Skin Markers

    Skin Markers

    Barber DTS has an excellent range of tattoo art supplies including markers for s...
  • Pencils


    If designing is your thing then Barber DTS has an excellent range of tattoo art ...
  • Sketch Books

    Sketch Books

    Barber DTS have a high quality collection of artist sketchbooks including hard b...
  • Pound of Flesh

    Pound of Flesh

    Pound of Flesh is the most realistic and effective synthetic tattoo skin availab...

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