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Eternal Tattoo Ink

Eternal Tattoo Ink

Developed by Terry Welker from Michigan USA with 30 years experience in the industry, Eternal Ink have now become one of the most popular tattoo inks in the tattooing world with over 50 vibrant colours available in a variety of sizes.

  • Standard Colours

    Standard Colours

    The Eternal Standard Colour range consists of 62 unique colours and are availabl...
  • Muted Earthtone Colours

    Muted Earthtone Colours

    The Muted Earth Tone collection of inks comes in a variety of colours and sizes....
  • M-Series Colours

    M-Series Colours

    This range of inks is designed by Mike Devries and Mario Rosenau and contains 18...
  • Portrait Colours

    Portrait Colours

    The Portrait colours from Eternal Ink consist of 16 fresh colours perfect for po...
  • Zombie Colours

    Zombie Colours

    The Zombie collection of inks comes in a variety of colours and sizes that suits...
  • Liz Cook Colours

    Liz Cook Colours

    Liz Cooks fantastic 23 portrait colours are great for creating portraits with a ...
  • Motor City Colours

    Motor City Colours

    Eternal Inks New Set inspired by vintage sheet metal fantasies, high gloss pain...
  • Jess Yen Colours

    Jess Yen Colours

    Eternal Ink worked with Master Yen to produce 22 stunning ink hues that capture ...
  • Chukes Seasonal Colours

    Chukes Seasonal Colours

    The Chukes' Seasonal Spectrum set is the newest collection to the Eternal Ink li...
  • Colour Sets

    Colour Sets

    Eternal Ink provide many different colour ink sets so that you can try them all ...
  • Grey Wash

    Grey Wash

    These pre-made grey wash shades have been tested and approved by the world's ver...
  • Halo  - Fifth Dimension

    Halo - Fifth Dimension

    Designed by tattoo artist Halo, the Halo Fifth Dimension ink contains opaque hue...
  • Rich Pineda Colours

    Rich Pineda Colours

    Tattoo artist Rich Pineda packs his stunning portraits with the colorful warmth ...

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