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Intenze Ink

Intenze Ink
From its inception in the laboratory by the infamous Mario Barth, to its home in the skin, Intenze Ink is one of the world's safest, most sterile and best looking tattoo ink ranges on the market. As the winner of over 200 international Awards, this ink is fast becoming the hottest brand on the market. The full range is a sight to see, a massive range of different colours and a top favourite. All of the products come in different editions such as the Mike Demasi, Boris, Earth Tone, Dragon Kit and the Gold Label. One of our favourites here at Barber.

  • Full Colour Range

    Full Colour Range

    Intenze tattoo inks consist of the highest possible, scientifically formulated p...
  • Earth Tone Colours

    Earth Tone Colours

    A must for any artist, these colours are unique, distinctive and near to impossi...
  • Gold Label Colours

    Gold Label Colours

    Proudly developed by Mario Barth, this advanced pigment is the first of its kind...
  • Dragon Colour Set

    Dragon Colour Set

    The Dragon Colour set by Intenze is the ideal collection of inks for completing ...
  • Bowery Stan Ink Set

    Bowery Stan Ink Set

    The Bowery Stan Ink Set by Bowery Stan Moskowitz contains eight traditional colo...
  • Colour Outline Set

    Colour Outline Set

    Creating colour tattoos without black lining is now possible with the Colour Out...

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