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Silverback Ink®

Silverback Ink®

The Silverback series makes it easier than ever to achieve smooth and consistent tones, even with the lightest of shades. And the quality of healed tattoo's is considered by top artists to be the clearest, most defined and long lasting on the market

  • Original Greywash

    Original Greywash

    The Original Greywash set by Silverback Ink® has been specifically developed so...
  • XXX Greywash Set

    XXX Greywash Set

    The XXX Greywash series by Silverback Ink® is a favourite amongst professionals...
  • 6 Series

    6 Series

    Barber DTS are delighted to supply ink from renowned brand Silverback Ink®. The...
  • Instablack


    Silverback Ink® offer a fantastic range of Insta inks in black and greywash. Th...
  • Black, White & Clear

    Black, White & Clear

    Barber DTS supply a fantastic range of tattoo ink colours from popular brand nam...

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