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Tattoo Machines

Tattoo Machines
With the tattoo machine being the tattooist’s most important tool, Barber have made a special effort to supply something for everyone. Choose from a huge range of new Rotary and traditional Coiled tattoo machines to create a flawless piece of work you can be proud of. All of our tattoo machines are of the highest quality ensuring that they work to the best of their ability so that you can work with accuracy and precision. They are carefully chosen based on their performance, comfort and price, so that the tattooist can thoroughly enjoy using the machine. We offer tattoo machines from all of the biggest brand names available on the market including Sunskin, Eikon, Eternal, Dragonfly, Stigma, Cheyenne and much more. Our fine selection of machines certainly are a must have for any professional tattooist.

  • Coiled Tattoo Machines

    Coiled Tattoo Machines

    Coiled tattoo machines are the most common and traditional choice for a tatto...

  • Rotary Tattoo Machines

    Rotary Tattoo Machines

    We are able to offer a huge range of rotary tattoo machines with many of the pop...
  • Cheyenne Hawk

    Cheyenne Hawk

    Tattoo artists love the Hawk, a fantastic piece of professional, sophisticated a...
  • Tattoo Spares

    Tattoo Spares

    Every tattooist will at some point need to replace the parts of their tattoo mac...

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