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Pre-soldered Sterile

Pre-soldered Sterile
All our pre-soldered tattoo needles are of the utmost quality and fully sterilised to prevent contamination with bacteria after use. Whether you are looking for your everyday needle from our popular Barber DTS or Black Widow range or a needle from our more specialised ranges of Revolution and Envy brands, we have a huge range of sizes available for your every need. Come and take a look at the extensive range and get what you want today - we have everything that you need to be the best.

  • Barber DTS Needles

    Barber DTS Needles

    Our Barber DTS needles are fantastic for any professional tattooist. We have nee...
  • Black Widow Needles

    Black Widow Needles

    Barber supply needles from the popular brand Black Widow. The Black Widow needle...
  • Envy Needles

    Envy Needles

    Envy tattoo needles are popular amongst many tattooist due to their quality and ...
  • Magic Moon Needles

    Magic Moon Needles

    Magic Moon is a hugely popular brand amongst tattooists and is regarded as one o...
  • Revolution Needles

    Revolution Needles

    Revolution provide tattooist with an extensive range of needles to choose from ...
  • Victor Portugal Needles

    Victor Portugal Needles

    Victor Portugal Needles bring you the ultimate tool for artistic and custom tatt...
  • Pin Up Needles

    Pin Up Needles

    At Barber DTS we can match any competitor on the market in providing a great sel...
  • CNC Needles

    CNC Needles

    The CNC branded tattoo needle is the premium of needle liner. We are proud to sh...
  •  Eikon Hydra Tattoo Needles

    Eikon Hydra Tattoo Needles

    Eikon Hydra tattoo needles are developed to suit any tattooing task making them ...
  • Powerline Needles

    Powerline Needles

    Barber DTS are delighted to supply Powerline Needles, some of the most popular n...

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